How to Measure Guides

The most important step in ordering replacement screens to meet your needs is providing accurate measurements for the project. With so many different styles of windows and doors available, make sure you are getting your dimensions based on the Measuring Guide that best matches your project from the options below.

Our replacement screens are manufactured to precise standards and guaranteed to be within 1/16″ of the dimensions you provide. We will do everything possible to help you obtain accurate measurements for your project, but the final dimensions are still your responsibility. Measure twice, order once!

Measuring Basics

Here are some basic guidelines to apply in general when measuring for replacement screens. More specific tips will be provided for specific situations.

  • Use a tape measure in good working condition, with no damage to the “hook”.
  • Measurements should be made for each individual window. Do not assume similar-looking windows are the exact same size.
  • Measurements are normally stated in “Width” and then “Height”.
  • Measurements should be made to the nearest 1/16″.

Measuring from an existing box screen frame

Whenever possible, take measurements from the existing screen you will be replacing for each window, provided the screen is a good fit. If the existing screen fit is too tight or too loose, adjust your dimensions accordingly. Measuring from existing screens is the easiest way to provide accurate measurements. Keep these additional guidelines in mind:

  • Take width and height measurements from the outside edge of the screen frame.
  • Measure near the corners of the frame, as the middle of a length may be bowed.
  • Measure the size of the framing material itself. The most common size is 5/16″ x 3/4″.
  • Note the location of any springs, clips or other fasteners.

Measuring from opening with a channel along the top edge

If the existing screen is not available, you’ll have to take your measurements from the Screen Rough Opening of the window. The SRO is the exposed edge of the window frame that supports the installed screen. In most cases, you’ll find the SRO on the exterior side of the window and the screen will reside outside the house. But there are exceptions. With some casement windows, the SRO is on the interior side and the screen is installed inside the house.

Once you have located the position of your window’s SRO, you must verify the type of opening you have to know which measuring technique to use. Chances are you will find one of these 3 options:

  • An SRO with a channel along the top edge to help hold the screen in place.
  • An SRO with a channel on the left or right side.
  • An SRO with no channels, just flat edges on the top, bottom and sides of the opening.