Window Screens


Living in the North Bay Counties, having screens is a must! Our weather is fantastic. We are so fortunate to have wonderful fresh air without much pollution. The only drawback is the insect population. We all need to be concerned about the Mosquitoes especially, since they are more and more likely to be spreading serious diseases. Flies, moths, and spiders are also additional nuisances.

We build custom window screens to suit your needs, guaranteed to fit! We offer five different colors for screen frame that are standard; Bronze, White, Grey, Almond, and Tan. We also carry a variety of screen mesh fabrics for your home.

If you want to have screens where the screen portion is barely visible- we carry SeeVue stainless steel mesh and BetterVue fiber mesh.

If you have pets that may scratch your screens- we carry PHIFER Pet Screen mesh, a heavy duty pet resistant material.

Of course we always have the standard fiber mesh but our diverse selection is to offer you what is best for your home.

Other materials offered: PHIFER Bronze, Suntex 80, Aluminum Wire, Super Solar, and others upon request.

Our products are all “Top of the line”!

If your existing screen frames are in great condition and just need new mesh we are able to fulfill your need by simply re-screening the frames with new mesh.